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Ski, Snowboard, Telemark, Freestyle or Off Piste

Private lessons are available in all disciplines and for all levels.

Whether you prefer to learn 1:1, want to eliminate any bad habits or explore the magnificant off piste in Val d'Isère, then a private instructor or private guide is waiting for you.

Up to 6 friends can share the same instructor, in order to share the cost of a private lessons.

Contact Us if you would like to book or receive more information.

Private lesson

On Piste Private Instructor

1 - 2 people sharing

3 - 4 people sharing

5 - 6 people sharing

Hourly Rate




Full Day

410€ (1-6 people sharing)

School Holidays

215€ (1-6 people sharing)

Off Piste Kev

Off Piste Private Guide

All off piste prices include the use of, and instruction on how to use,

either a ARVA or ABS backpack, probe, shovel and transceiver.

3hrs                    199€ (1-6 people sharing)

4hrs                    265€ (1-6 people sharing)

Full Day              399€ (1-6 people sharing)

School Hols        225€ (1-6 people sharing)